Monday, April 30, 2012

Adsense Recipe Review

Guru: Cary Bergeron

Cary Bergeron is the Adsense guru who sold an Adsense website on Flippa for $80,000. After I learned about this fact, I then listened to a couple webinars starring Mr. Bergeron where he claimed earning thousands of dollars every month from adsense on a few websites. I couldn't resist.

I purchased the Adsense Recipe in the Autumn of 2011. Unfortunately, Mr. Bergeron closed access to the member login area by redirecting the URL to a new member program known as the "Adsense Guild." Later, Adsense Recipe members were redirected to the "League of Ripping People Off" or something like that.

Adsense Recipe members no longer have access to the training program, even though they paid for their membership in FULL!

The fact of the matter is that I tried to contact Mr. Bergeron via Clickbank support as well as support email through his own website AND via message on his website comment section. There has been no response and I am out $67.

I will not write a review of the content of the Adsense Recipe training because even if the content is good, having access to it is key to taking action on it.

After this bad experience, I cannot recommend anything by Cary Bergeron. Maybe he should put the beer away and provide support to his customers.

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